Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hungry Humans

The fall of Rome so close to reality in this modern age
Our desires of grandness and objectivity has overwhelmed our sense of humanity
Our wants and needs have over compassed our knightly duties over the poor and frail

The marble and stone of old ages has been replaced with steel and oil such things 
racing through our veins
Run fast over the weak and needy how long can that last?

Move over out of the fast lane before it crumbles off the side of the crumbling cliff 
More than California falling into the ocean but humanity spinning out of control 
oh how Rome fell in a day, our days are longer, slower but how will we fall?

Anger, dirty souls, compassion no more but a thought in the back of someones mind
as they watch their fell men fall to the ground from punches of reality 
when did we all stop caring?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eyes of the Enemy - The One

I am the first and will be the last, and when that is the case there will only be me and my children. They will come to me eventually, the drugs will vanish and they will lose the ability to say no. That is the way to conquer the one that desires my death. With the desire to send my darlings back behind that wall of stone. How dare humanity dictate who lives or dies? They are afraid of her, I say let her come to me and we can see who is the strongest. I will thrash the remaining human existence into a pulp of bloody mass and feed my children what they want. But all I see right now are those blasted white wings torturing my sleep grinding at my nerves. Go away go away or come to me and stop your chattering, which ever so I walk this earth without your demons of hope and faith. Can't you see you are like me, broken from the start. they were suppose to love me not you, Why weren't you cast away like some disease some experiment. They knew she'd leave me hopeless and alone, I was nothing to her but if she could only see me now the damage I have done to this world. Yes there are others, they have done the same but I am the queen and their children respond to me and love me, no army could stop me and she will fail as well

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Funerals

In the end, when we are said and done we should be equal
At that crossroads a point of our dying breath we should be equal
A tear of one or a tear of thousands our creation should be marked as equal

How is it then that they sing for one but not for the other
each one marking the world so close in time
How is it then that the crowd the room for one but so empty for the other

I know not of one but I do of the other and my tears are stronger for knowing
just because so many did not know the smile the impression so strong
does not mean it meant less in the world

What if it had been so differently would more tears have fallen
what if, what if, what if?

I believe however that THEY will sing so loudly just the same
They will rejoice in that life just the same
I will remember just the same

Sunday, December 19, 2010

we are all dead

we are all dead inside or is it outside I can not tell
all those electrical impulses thrashing through our heart and mind like fire crackers on the 4th of July
the big bang went out a long time ago leaving us as some speck of dirt from some exploding
vacuum bag
no dyson strong enough to erase our existence too bad that is for sure
like a child on a swing, flying too high heeding no warning from below, slow down
your going too fast
as you fly from the seat soaring over the trees no dread of what is below until
the landing much harder than you could ever imagine
the brokeness of each limb but nothing so hard as your ego bruised and soul crushed
skinned knees and cracked wrists covering up the internal anguish of another mistake

Monday, August 16, 2010

Shadow of Myself

I am a shadow of my former being
a shell of a person I no longer know
all I see is this carriage of emptiness drawn by steeds of misery
the mind that creature gnaws at my nails until they bleed
the degradation of my own self contemplation stepping into the shadows night by night
do I sleep on a cot of webs waking in a cocoon of no escape?
A knife a knife please to cut open this chalice of denial
which pain do I burn to the ground which ones do I dose with water?
soft scents of perfume to cover the sweat and grime of past and present

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last Words

I whispered quietly holding back the tears
I didn't want to say it, but in my heart there was nothing else to be said
His heart had failed but his soul never missed a beat
But there in that room, he was already saying his own goodbyes
To his family his life of weakness and misgivings
But there I stood softly saying it was okay goodbyes were important
just as important as when he said his first hello to me as he held me in his hands
and now someone stronger would take his hand and guide him through a life he could not do himself
But my last words were there under my breath, Peace be with you

Cheat the System

I am that person in the light or maybe in the dark
my shadow fades in and out depending on the speed of sound
I crest the hill to find so many more
In the light there is a dark star fading into death just like humanity
across each universe tears dry up so many have already fallen

I have extra tears for everyone, grief that I never felt before
maybe man was created from grief such an emotion that harnesses
every muscle forcing my knees to the ground my hands to my head
drenching my body with anguish and mourning this is how it is to be human
it ends eventually the body lifts itself up past the trees past the clouds

The hills turn to forests forests to prairie but never desert
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